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I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land the Wadawurrung country, to the elders past and present. I acknowledge the stories, traditions and living cultures of aboriginal people of this land. I am living in humble gratitude to all the Hawaiian elders and mentors who continue to open my heart , may the spirit of this sacred work continue to be respected across the nations and bring loving touch to those ready for healing. May we live long and prosper spiritually.

Eve Marie-

  • I am a very content mother of 4 beautiful children that were all born at home in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Australia. I am a Healer, Priestess, Transformational Therapist and Bodyworker, a Yogi, a Runner and an avid vegetable gardener.I am a woman who lives with the seasons, flows with the moon, moves with energies and speaks with spirit. Being a facilitator to people’s healings and witnessing one’s ultimate spiritual growth, empowerment and personal success is where I flourish and am at my happiest.
    I can hold space for you to go within and heal. (I work with women and hold sacred women’s circles under the dark moon. Spiritual midwifery – Pre Nataly, birth and Post Nataly. As woman of deep ancestral Shamanic roots I hold healing space in drum sound journeys and quartz crystal bowl healings. 
    I have worked in many modalities including being an artist and photographer for many years. I worked in the community service system with vulnerable high-risk youth and families. Counselling and educating people with complex needs. Everything that ever was offered were quick fixes, band aids, more traumatic, toxic or just didn’t work. Believe me , I never used to be this way… be able to hold space for others – let alone myself. I never used to be content or happy in my own body, loving my body, being a creatress, an empowered woman, elated with life as it is, the shadow and the light. I used to be rather confused, sad, competitive yet self-sabotage, seeking outside myself for distractions, quick fixes and highs. I never knew how to really LOVE myself. I never understood why I held so much pain mentally.
    I tried a lot of healing modalities and nothing spoke to me quite like BODY WORK. This is why I do what I do. LomiLomi and Bodywork works with the MIND, Body and Spirit . It heals trauma held in our body from our ancestral lineage blue print gifted to us through DNA and birth. Over the years of this life’s conditioning, neglect and suppression trauma accumulates and morphs. Turning into energy blockages and fixed neurological pathways in our brain, which may look like repetitive behaviours, addictions, conditions, physical ailments and dis-ease in the mind, body and spirit. This modality of healing came into my life before my initiation into motherhood and I have been practising, learning and spiritually growing for the past 20 years. I have dedicated my life to healing and being of service to others. 

    LomiLomi Goes Far Beyond Massage-

    LomiLomi also reflects the connection we have with the land (‘aina), the spirit guides or ancestors (‘aumakua) and the breath of life (aloha). LomiLomi is beneficial for many ailments and to increase spiritual energy and personal power (mana). The nurturing strokes are relaxing; however, one soon learns this work is therapeutic on all levels.The strokes are done with the hands and forearms and are often long and sweeping, much like long, rolling waves traveling along the body. The foundation of LomiLomi in many lineages includes the practice of a martial art, lua, which builds strength, focus, endurance and discipline. LomiLomi also includes range-of-motion work, deep-tissue techniques and, most importantly, the full presence of loving touch. Every cell is blessed to create balance (lokahi). The nervous system is encouraged to slow down, thereby creating the space for techniques to be received rather than pushing through a blockage in the muscle tissue. Creating movement in the spine is a primary focus of LomiLomi. One might even experience unwinding similar to that which occurs in myofascial release. LomiLomi helps with Lymphatic drainage ,elimination process and improves the energetic function of the organs.

    How Can This Help You?


    Bodywork increases awareness of oneself,  activating and awakening.


    By releasing chronically held physical tension through bodywork and breath work one can also release ancestral trauma, the corresponding component can surface and literally dissipate.


    As you are guided and learn how to let go

    of “the thinking , the doing and the suppressing”, there is a space of awareness emerging, where healing happens.

    The Benefits Of LomiLomi

    Wellbeing comes from within and LomiLomi is rooted in that wisdom. Our bodies have an intelligence and mechanism for self recovery. Pain is an emotion. We don’t need to know where the emotion comes from to deal with pain, its result. It means, if you allow something into you, you are bigger than that. First see the pain. Only then you know what necessary steps to undertake. (1) LomiLomi induce physiological changes and fosters mental and emotional stability (2): acts as a mechanical cleanser on circulatory system stretches and relaxes tight muscles, ligaments and tendons can reprogram neurological patterns and reduce emotional armouring improves functions and blood supply of internal organs exfoliates dead skin cells and keeps the skin nourished and firm boosts immune system increases awareness of the body and sense of wholeness restores emotional balance LomiLomi is a rainbow bridge between our conscious mind, subconsciousness and higher mind. It is life and presence in itself where one see himself, surrender and takes off judgements and conditioning. Hawaiian bodywork is truly freeing and loving art of massage, in which each touch is given respectfully with the whole being and responds to where and who we are NOW. LomiLomi implements softness, gentleness and simplicity into our space of existence. (1-2) “Hawaiian LomiLomi. Big Island massage” by Nancy S. Kahalewa.

    What Is Involved In A Session?

    "First a connection is established with the sacred prior to each LomiLomi session, beginning with prayer and pure intention, my personal emotional inner space must be clear, as well as my physical space, I ask permission at a soul level for imparting the trusted touch to come through me as a vessel. I am a conduit to spirit. I can teach and assist others to go within, let go, heal themselves. Then spread this much-needed precious cycle of healing in our world. The energy is cleared with chants and intention, sound healing and burning white sage to set the vibration, followed by the LomiLomi massage" Eve Marie

    Extra Benefits

    Eves LomiLomi may also include a detoxification program and the use of Bush Flower Remedies post to the actual bodywork or before next session.


    Package Deal -

    LomiLomi & Kahuna 

    7 Hours 30 Minutes $600

    For those who are wanting healing through LomiLomi and Kahuna bodywork with a mega discount! 5 x 90 minute sessions for only $600 . Includes aromatherapy and sound healings.

    Drum Journey Sound Healing

    1 Hour $80

    I will take you on a journey through the ancient shamanic heart beat of Mother Earth. Used in many cultures, healing ones spirit to calm, clarify, connect and heal.

    $40 for 30 Minutes, to any existing massage.

    Package Deal -

    Deluxe plus 

    10 Hours $800

    5 x 2 hour sittings. For those serious about giving themselves the time and space to dive deep for healing. Includes-counselling, aromatherapy, bush flower essences, lomilomi massage, Kahuna bodywork.

    LomiLomi Massage & Kahuna BodyWork 

    1 Hour $100

    Heart Works LomiLomi nurturing massage. Rhythmic and flowing, deep tissue massage . 

    LomiLomi Massage and Kahuna BodyWork

    1 Hour 30 Minutes $140

    Heart works LomiLomi. This massage is for deeper nurturing the temple of your soul, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Rhythmic and flowing, deep tissue massage. I also incorporate aromatherapy and sound healing into this massage.

    Full body.

    Deluxe LomiLomi Massage Kahuna Bodywork 

    2 Hours $180

    The deluxe full body sitting . Using nurturing deep LomiLomi massage, aromatherapy and sound healing we explore deeper with a small counselling session before hand. You also get to choose your own healing Bush Flower Essence to take home with you. This is for transformational results body, mind and soul.

    Pregnancy Massage

    1 Hour $120

    Lush relaxing pregnancy Lomi Lomi massage for anytime in your pregnancy, including sound healing and aromatherapy.

    Australian Bush Flower Essences

    15 Minutes $30

    Australian Bush Flower Remedies are catalysts to unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs and bring about harmony . A bottle is made for you and your needs.

    How Can I Book?

    Gift Certificate

    1 Hour 30 Minutes $112

    This is a 90 minute massage Gift Certificate for $112 A 20% discount

    Buy the gift of Love for your family and friends.

    I can post to you also, just send me your address, at no extra cost.

    Experience A Visual For Yourself- Press Play

    Full Moon Ceremonies

    Full Moon Cocao Sister and Brother Ceremonies. Held every Full Moon. Calling in the essence of the plant spirit in sacred ceremony. Join Sisters and Brothers in deep heart space. Sound Healing and dance immersion, guided with respect and love of the elders, ancestors and plant spirit of the Cocao.

    Message for details. Gatherings at Love Healing Transformations, Enfield, Vic, 3352.

    New Moon Ceremonies

    New Moon Sister Circles. Monthly on the New Moon. Lowest ebb of the month women come together in sacred ancestral ritual with the elements, around fire, under the dark moon. To chant, sing, craft and heal. Speaking with spirit in love and light, to release and manifest.

    Message me for details of the next New Moon Sister Circle at Love Healing Transformations, Enfield, VIC, 3352.

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    Fiona Christie

    November 29 2021

    "Eve is a beautiful person who puts her love & energy into the Lomi Lomi massage she performs. Eve incorporates essential oils & sound healing into the session, adding to the spiritual experience. With nature as the backdrop as an added bonus I highly recommend treating yourself to a session with Eve."

    Michelle mullins

    November 8 2021

    "I recently had a Lomi Lomi Kahuna Massage with Eve Marie and I highly recommend you have this deeply healing experience. I had the full 2 hour session and and felt so safe and nurtured from the moment I arrived. I totally loved the home studio garden setting and Eve's wisdom and alignment with the traditional Kahuna practice. My body unravelled from a tough year of holding tension and stress and I found it a kept releasing emotionally and physically for a few days after.

    Thankyou so much Eve. I will be back for sure

    Michelle Mullins x"

    Rhiannon Stoddart

    November 22 2021

    "What a gorgeous experience I had with Eve today. The best massage I’ve ever had. She unblocked my energy and my body feels aligned and very high vibe again.

    Such a magical setting, being surrounded by nature just adds to the healing. Highly recommend for anyone on their spiritual journey."

    How Can I Book?

    Please make contact on one of the following-


    Love Healing Transformations By Eve Marie

    Transformational Therapist & Bodyworker

     Eve Marie- Owner / Creatress

    Located in 3352, Victoria, Australia

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